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Please help I think i over did it

mr.all green

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now were do start i've been want to start grow for awhile now and finally did. the problem is i germd a couple bag seeds and before they popped i order some seeds. some nothern lights and short rider. when they came i half of each.because i figured they all wound pop but they all did long story short i now have six bag seed, five short riders and thee and pos nothern lights.now i no every bodies like whats the problem im not sure if enough lights or space. here what im working with i have a 100w mh a 70w hps and a couple of cfl's.my grow space for now is a little dresser L3.5 w2.5 and 1.5 deep.for the record all lights are not in there dont want to cook the babies.any suggestions much apreciated apre an u no what i mean thanks:sorry::sorry:
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