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Please Help is my baby ready to flower


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I am a first time grower and I have never experienced growing any type of plant in my life. The strain is auto ak feminized i planted the seed on the 28th of june. she is under 4 small cfl's and planted her in rockwool in a small pot because i dont have much space sadly. I have uploaded some pictures to my gallery of her now any advice will help and also is there a way i can tell if she is female from her current stage in life. any help will be very greatfull thank you.:thumb::thanks:


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Hello, just took a quick look. as you said it's feminized, so it will be female....

Is it ready to flower....no, she has yet to reach that level of maturity....she's an auto so when shes ready it will happen.

Looking green and healthy :)


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thanks for the reply how many cfl's would you recommend for one plant. do i have to change her nutes i dont know when to change them because i dont know when she will be ready are there any signs.:thanks:
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