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I have the 60x silver scope common on amazon. My problem is that im color blind/deficient...i have a hard time with greens yellows and reds....had anyone tried one of the 90x or stronger scopes that hook to a smart phone?
Im thinking taking a pic and blowing it up would be better for me to differentiate the colors.

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You can hold a lope to the lens of your camera phone and get fairly good results, post whatever pictures you take and I'm sure someone with better color vision will let you know where you are at.

The little clip to your phone things are hit or miss, the one I purchased does not fit to my particular phone well enough to be functional, so in my case it was a waste of money.

However a lope I had from another hobby worked just fine with a little bit of trial and error on holding it in place while I took photos.


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Thank u sir....that worked out kinda ok lol

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Judging by your pics there I would say you are fairly close. In my opinion you have maybe another week or so, its hard to tell by the limited focus quality of your pictures but I'm fairly certain you can let her go for a bit with no worries.

What makes judging the plants remaining flower time difficult is that it is of some unknown lineage; that and we don't really know what you expect from cannabis.

I prefer to let the girls go to the point where the trichome heads are no longer clear and have yet to get to the point of being amber or whenever I see the first few starting to go amber on me.

Amber trichomes are the visual cue that THC is degrading into CBN. Which if you want to get really drowsy after using more amber is okay I guess.

Milky or translucent, is the visual cue of peak THC content in most of today's cannabis strains, this will produce the most pronounced head high, which is something I prefer over couch lock.


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Thank you....i think ill try and wait another week or longer....its really unseasonably hot right now...100 wed 95 today...should be 85 max rt now but mother nature is a bitch lately. Next wed will be back to high 70s...after that these girls should continue to fill out. I think they have another 40-60 days. Both brains escape clones started outside July 1st.
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