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Please help me!! My mom has stage IV cholangiocarcinoma, and I’m trying to save her life. She was given contaminated blood in 1979 after a case of food poisoning made her throw up so much that she ruptured her esophagus. Long story short, she did the Harvoni treatment years ago to cure her Hep C, but in 2020 some liver lesions showed up on her routine CT scan. She had a liver resection (removed 1/3 of her liver) in December 2020. Two small lesions were removed and margins were clear. Turns out it was intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Although she was cancer-free after the surgery, new spots showed up on her scan in July 2021 (7 months after the resection). There are spots on her liver and it had also spread to her paracolonic gutter (peritonium). She started gem/cis chemo about a month ago. After 2 treatment (1/week), her numbers bottomed out and she ended in the hospital for over a week (she’s supposed to be released tomorrow 10/21/21). Her platelet count was 20 when she entered the hospital and her wbc was 0.9. Those numbers have improved a good bit. She also has large DVT in her leg (no symptoms but found on ultrasound of legs). She was on IV heparin for a week and is now on a blood thinner pill she takes orally. She has been having ascites as well, and has been getting about 3.5L of fluid drained off every 4-5 days. They put in a permanent catheter yesterday so we will be able to drain it once she comes home. She also had a fever (unknown origin and none of the cultures grew anything) and has been on IV antibiotics all week. We had started her on medical marijuana (RSO and olive oil in capsules) before the chemo treatments wiped her out. She was up to 25mg RSO concentrate (we made capsules) 3x/day. Her nausea and overall well being improved while she was on it but now she hasn’t been taking it while she’s been in the hospital. My husband and I have researched medical marijuana (especially the Rick Simpson method) and diet changes to help fight the cancer, but we really need better guidance since there are so many factors that play into it. Any help and advice will be very much appreciated!! My mom is my best friend and I can’t imagine doing life without her. Please help us!!!

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