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please help! my plants stems look like they are rotting!


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Can someone maybe give me an idea of what would be happening with my plants. My two plants look like their branches and stems are rotting and moulding. This has literally happened overnight. They are in budding stage and harvest is near. I have them in large size pots. Their whole growing stage has been great with no problems. They havr been so healthy. Now their buds are molding away, their leaves stems have become as thin as paper and weak. Dead. It starts at the bottom of the plants I have noticed and works it way up to the cola bud. Their stems turn white and super soft. I cut one small stem off to see what it looks like and they are hollow inside and just look like dry wood. Its so weird? Has this happened to anyone??

then another plant of mine, also outdoor, great growing no problems at all. I went to work for the day and I came home and all her stems are completely facing downward. I last watered her on monday today is Wednesday. Maybe not enough water? Im scared this plant might also start rotting like the others :( the rotting plants are so close to harvest too :(please can someone give me some kind of advice? Has this happened to anyone before? Id really appreciate it :) :) thank you in advance :) peace love light


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Pics, names of the strains, ingredients of yr soil mix, and description of yr growing conditions, please!
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