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Please help - My seedling's leaves are turning yellow and falling off


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Dear friends,

Although i am new to this forum i have been lurking around for many months now, and i love it( lots of great info and great community)

This is my first grow and i am having major problems with my seedlings.

They have stopped growing or are growing very very slow. ( Leafs are turning yellow and edges browning drying off?)

I would like to give breaf overview of what i have done so far.

I propagated them on 22/12/13 its now 21/1/14. So 4 weeks old

The seeds where propagated in Canna Rhizotonic and Canna start in dome propagator. After the sprouted and first set of leafs showed up i transferred them in to DWC hydro(transferred on day 6 from propagation. With Canna start( EC 0.6) in rhizo(Ph5.8)

Since then after being transferred they started yellowing and its been a battle down hill since....

The carrent nutirents in the water are

Canna A+B EC=ranging from 1 to 1.2
Cannazym=20ml per 10L
Ph checked daily and is always between 5.2 and 5.8 (Ps i always aim for sweet spot 5.5!
Currently all ph is between 5.4 to 5.7
Grow room temp is always 24 and never goes up
I have 600W Big ass LED light which is currently set to VEG( only Blue specturum)
I have a little fan in the room to circulate the air

I probalby have missed out something..

Please help me out with this its stressing me out and i feel helpless Any help suggestions will be greatly appreciated

I have taken lots of pics please let me know what you think

Thank you all


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it looks like nute burn
btw the sweet spot is 5.8
is there a feeding schedule for the nutes you have?
maybe you need to cut down on the nutes
I know you said you been lurking but welcome to posting :thumb:
maybe start a journal so people can help with your grow you will get people subbed and they will stop by with some constructive criticism
this place has a whole lot of good people willing to help
you can also check my journal on my link I do dwc bubblers see how I start it etc..
my journal is perpetual so I always got new things going
I wish I knew if the product your using has a feed schedule because all I do is follow my feed schedule I do fine but im not using the nutes you are so its why I ask if there is a feed schedule
also im sure someone else here must be using the same products as you its a matter of getting them to see your grow in a journal
if you do decide to start one make sure to put a link in your sig
go to user cp
scroll down on the left theres an edit signature
I hope I helped at least a bit
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