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Please help, plants suffering


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So I've been away for a few days and watered my plants with plain water at a pH of 6,4 until runoff hoping they would not dry up before I got home. But I returned to my cooling system being off and the heat at 95f with the room at 15% RH.

The plants are in soil and were doing great until I left them alone for 5 days

They are in a tent with a Mars tsw 2000 approx 24 inches away. They were topped just before I left aswell

Leaves are yellowing with veins being last to change color. A few of them have already gone and shriveled up. If any other info is needed please let me know

I thought It could be a mag deficiency but I'm new at this so not entirely sure but that's what my research so far has led me. To believe

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