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please help please!

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This is my last attempt at growing. My first 2 times didnt come out well. Everything died early both times.this grow looks like its doomed already. Im using happy frog soil. Little plastic cups. No nutes yet. And 2 cfl lights. Can anyone please tell.me what is happeneing already. I just dont get it. Im at a loss and depressed
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Re: please help please !!

There only 2weeks from seed.
Water i use is poland spring
Due for transplant tomorrowis it fungus or a mold ?
There barneys farm critical kush
Please any any and all avice welcome
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Re: please help please !!

Well im using happy frog which has some ferts in it. I just have not added any . Just straight water. The guy at tje hydroponic shop said theres no need to check ph of water. He claims the citys water is good that just to leave it out so tue clorine evaporates. He says the soil is a natural buffer and checking ph is not needed. Hes really smart and even writes a colum in the news paper. Is this good advice?plus di my plants have a disease already at 2 weeks ?

Fuzzy Duck

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Re: please help please !!

More than likely just a little nutrient burn from the fox farm happy frog soil/compost... pretty common problem to be honest with happy frog and well noted over the years...

You should really start seedlings or young plants off in a milder soil/compost mix :Namaste:

Yes its true that soil/compost is self buffering & which can be observed if ya really want to !

How ever regular feeding with nutrients like every time can make the soil/compost more acidic & more so common when in flowering with an increase in feeding...
Re: please help please !!

Fuzzy Duck is right. I would set them up in a lower nutrient soil so the little girls don't burn.
You should be fine. Just keep a check on them :)
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Re: please help please !!

Fuzzy duck. So are you saying i should ph the feedings. If so which ph tester do u reccomend ?
Thanks for responding. Im checking me email every chance i get


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Re: please help please !!

Any of the PH pens will do. You can use the paper or the drops... but they're not nearly as accurate. I just recently picked up a ph pen and ppm pen combo for slightly over $20 US.
You should be shooting for a ph of 6.5. My tap water is at 8.3. I have to adjust it down quite a bit. You'll need to get some PH down as well. You can use some natural things to drop PH, but real PH down is sooooooo much better.
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Re: please help please !!

Thanks tead. Is there any guide to what the run off ph should be reading ? And when exactly should i adjust the ph ? Before or after putting the nutrients in the water.?
i use ff ocean forest and happy frog . u do need to ph your water going in and the runoff. the ph is not consistent . i add dolimite lime to mine to help the ph in the soil. did u say your using spring water . bottled i presume. if so i suggest adding cal mag to the water . start with 2.5 ml and work your way up .

tead i have the same combo they work great . just need to keep some 7.0 calibration around to check it with . but i have had it for a few months and only calibrated 1 or 2 times

u do have some kind of issue but they look good for the most part. focus on the new growth of the plant . that leaf will probably remain to look like that until u remove it or harvest rolls in .
Looks like nute burn. Try not to worry about it, as the plant grows watch the other leaves. Hopefully it's just since its in early beginning it will straighten up :)
Just a bit of nute burn from the soil I believe. As for when to transplant, that can be done now. Some people would say leave it another few days but I like to transplant as soon as possible to avoid root damage.