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Please help, rooting clones, dont know if light will work


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Ok, so I am going to trade a friend 10 clones for a 20 lbs co2 tank. He has 2 tanks so sounds like a good trade to me. The only problem is that I dont have a light since my mother is taking up pretty much the whole 125 floro. So, I went to Home Depot and purchased a floro lighting fixture that holds 2 40W lights. So I bought the lights, they are PHILLIPS plant and aquarium tubes, but when I plugged them in, they dont give the "white" light that my 125W does, its more of a orange light. Would this be suitable for the clones to root under or should I bring the bulbs back and just get 2 regular white floros. Help would be greatly appreciated.

^Thats the color of the light, unlike my other floro.


^Here is the color of the 125W. A lot whiter light.

Please help guys.


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From what I've read:hmmmm::3: lol, I'd say it'd be fine..... but then again that doesn't really do you any good, sorry. I'm wanting to get my cloning skills down myself... never done it:51:
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