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Please help, Trichomes - Running out of time - frost and cooooold!!


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New to harvest time based on Trichomes, I hope someone can help or offer some advice. I have a THC Bomb, outdoors. We've had frost twice and she has made it through, but nights are getting colder and colder. The Trichomes appear to be all cloudy. I am now seeing a few amber, but no where near 30-50%. Personally I would like to try 10-15% because I believe that the trichomes continue to mature even after harvest, the more amber, the more couch-lock effect; please correct me if I am wrong. My question, should I try to hold off a little longer, fingers crossed and watch the weather and for two legged critters, or should I harvest her now. At this stage, would she be at the peak of thc or not yet there? I have added the following images to assist you. I hope they prove clear enough. :thanks:






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Thanks all, I think I will follow your advice. One question, I take mine in the morning before they wake. Sunny day today, followed by 4 days rain. At this moment the plant it is dry, can I safely take it at say 4-5 pm.


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Lovely trichs! Pull it now, dry, cure and enjoy that lovely buzz
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