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Please help us. White widow in distress! Combo!? Aphids/pyrex/heat/nutes?


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Hello and please help,
My friend contacted me with this issues, please have a look and give us some advice.
Here is the history as I know it:
Around 8 weeks old.
Strain: White Widow started from seed.
Pottingsoil with expandend clay/LECA.
Location: Balcony.

Problem started with minor yellowing of the leaves, 1 week later he got Aphids and the girls where treated/sprayed with Pyrex and the aphids died/disappeared. The plant is growing new leaves, however the bottom leaves keep on dying off as new set of leaves grow out? If this continues he will have a big lollipop..

I understand conditions are not the best however this should not be a problem that is not fixable and my advice was to come here for answers before doing anything more to these plants. Take a look and please help me help my friend PennyWise before he starts crying in panic.



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I can ask for more information if that is needed?

I will suggest re potting in a better soilmix and to do a runoff PH test of the water. That might give an indication of what the problem could be.
My initial reaction was that he sprayed the plants with pyrex without covering the soil, hence the pyrex might have been exposed to the root system during watering. But that is just me speculating.
From what i gather the PH in soil should be around 6.3-6.8.

Hope it will help...


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it looks like a nutrient problem

how often are you feeding nutes, they may not need flushing at this stage they might just need a couple of waters with no nutrients,

hopefuly you got the problem solved, also you have the plants out in the open so are these outdoor plants are are these plants started indoors then moved outdoors
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