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Please help! Why are my plants rapidly deteriorating


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In the past few days, my plants have gone from being green and healthy to this, and it's happening REALLY fast. I've already invested a lot of money (that I didn't *really* have) in this grow, but can't just go dump another $150 into it to save them. Any ideas here???

I'm getting ready to scrap this grow. It's just getting bad so fast, it's out of my control right now!



There's even browning at the NEW growth








Thanks in advance, hopefully I don't have to end this grow so soon.


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Re: Please help! Why are my plants rapidly deteriorating???

Don't give up my friend!!! I don't know what does that but I just had mine do the same thing and i just flushed the plants system out and started doing half strength nutes and it took about a week but they came back to health...I would hate to see you scrap something that may just be a simple fix...Hopefully someone who knows what it is will chime in and help...:goodluck:


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Re: Please help! Why are my plants rapidly deteriorating???

Looks like OVERFEEDING, a little leaf tip burning is Normal in my Hydro set up, but it would appear from the pictures that you have overfed your babies.
Use Just straight water for 5-7 days to flush them clean, when you go back to a Nutrient feed, start at only 1/3 to 1/2 strength. May or may not help , but wont cause more harm, need more info.


1) What Nutrients are you feeding?
2) At What Strength (ie: whats your TDS Reading by EC or PPM?)
3) Whats Your PH Level?
4) What stage of Growth are you at (Age of your plants)
5) Lighting, Ventilation etc. (describe your set up)
6) Temperature and Humidity of your grow tent/room?

These are the things We will need to know in order to properly assist you in saving your plants. Otherwise all we can do is make Our best educated guesses at what the causes could be, we could even do more harm without knowing all the information, Thats like saying my computer doesn't work without telling the tech what it did and what you were doing right before it crashed.

Just for the record, I started my first grow when I was 16, I'm now 46. I'm NEW to this Forum, my wife is a mmj user, I just like to grow and make new strains.

Post the Info I've requested and we will all work to get you clean and green again.


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Re: Please help! Why are my plants rapidly deteriorating???

They looked nuked. How hot is that soil? Did you give them nutrients? Second to the last picture (the yellow dots on the leaf) looks likes your PH is off. we need more info here...


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NUKED... Oh and from the pix, you have bugs...
but the problem is actually N-p lockout after ph imbalance due to soil toxicity. Left alone they will be stunted... but don't give up...

Maybe soil transfer, but be prepared for weeks of waiting while they de-shock...
Hate to bring the bad news bro. I would kelp flush, then I would depot and place rootball into hydrocorton and run a mini-pool of water through then thus riding the soil from roots... thats a very advanced move... the problem is root suffocation in this case will seal the deal... so flush light and go slow on the nutes...

That soil i bet is over 2000 ppm particulates...
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