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Please help!


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Hey guys this is my first grow. Im about a month away from flowering and i got issues with my fan leaves. I think its an MG deficiency so i fed them some epsom salt yesterday. My ph is about 6.8 and im pretty sure it is not nute burn because i feed my plants like a tablespoon of nutes to a gallon of water and they are very safe nutes. Opinions pease?? And why can i not post pics???


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Re: Please helpp!

Thanks man. Heres some pics. the first three are after the epsom salt.








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It sounds to me like you've locked them out with the higher pH level... the epsom salts should help but it may take a week or two, and the durrent damage should be removed as it won't recover once it's yellow like that. Try to keep your pH down to the 5.5 - 6.2 range to avoid that in the future - that range will allow your plants to use the nutes your giving.


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To me that looks like a nitrogen deficiency...
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Also, in the third pic. Those spots on the leaf in the upper left looks like bug damage... if you haven't already, you may want to inspect for lil critters!
If that is the case, let us know... we can work it out!
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