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Please help!


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Ok this plant is 3 weeks and 5 days into flower ... She is bag seed so have no idea what strain, I am growing in soil and it's my first time grow. Everything has been perfect up till now she is stating to go yellow on her bottom leaves and they are starting to droop I have no idea what to do, the top leaves are looking healthy and so are buds any help would be greatly appreciated :) thankyou <3


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didn't you post this question already elsewhere...its still the same, the bottom leaves aren't getting light (especially the ones in the pot,) don't worry about it; if you want to add soil, go ahead it won't hurt anything; just don't rot out the main stem when watering.


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Yeah I did post it somewhere else as I did not no where to post it ... And ok then I will add more soil tonight how do I no how to not rot the stem ? Just not water near it ?


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Add the soil to about 1/2 an inch from the top of the pot.

Water your plant slowly till you have water coming out of the bottom of the plant pot, making sure all the soil has been dampened.

Do not water again till the soil is mostly dry, and that should avoid the stem rotting.
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