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Tyring to find out what sex this plant is. I have 4 more plus cuttings so I hope I get a few females from the original plants


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Yes..... thanks I had a gut feeling it was male, fortunately it is the only one that showed signs of it's sex. I hate cutting down such a beautiful plant. I know I will have more as I took several cuttings from each plant, but never labeled them....DUH! Oh Well live and learn. That leaves me with 4 more adults and 7 cuttings so if I get one nice female I will be happy. My thanks to all that helped me with this and hope we have a late frost here . BTW I have been using blossom set,furic acid (?) and bloom booster fertilizer as a foliage spray and omit the blossom set when I do a soil drench. Everyone is happy and responding well with this.
I have another question since all my produce was started at the same time and planted the first week of June seedlings were about 3 weeks old when do you think I will see any signs of females if any exist? Just a general idea, I think males start first if i am correct?
Thanks again everyone And now that I am learning how to use this website I hope to visit it more. BYE !

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I find plants show their sex well about two weeks into flowering. I don't have any real experience outside, but indoors they show in two weeks or so after starting the 12/12 lighting. Outside the sun will let the plants know when to start flowering according to where you live. They will probably start to show pretty soon since the one already has. Good luck with a few being female.


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Since you do not know which clone came from which plant, may I suggest scrapping all of the clones and starting fresh clones and labelling them so you know. This will avoid having to flower again to figure out sex. And yes you can take clones during flower, it will take some time for them to go back to a vegetative growth phase but it will happen. Doing this will avoid wasting time and money on males that you probably do not want anyway.
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