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Maniakal Grow

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Is my Blueberry Autoflower ready yet. It has been 12 weeks from seeds.
Ffof soil
Florabloom, seaweed extract, and molasses
Mars hydro 300
Temps 70-78 day
68-72 night


Walter melon

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Just by looking at that, it's REALLY close. 90% of people judge by the thrichs on the buds. I personally judge mine on look. But I wouldn't argue with checking the thrichs. I'm just confident the plants have a certain look when they're done. I may yank one a week early, or a week late, but I doubt there's much affect on thc content if you give or take a week as long as you're in the harvest window. If you want to be 100% look at the thrichs.


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I'm a Trich type of guy and looking at your first picture I can see mostly cloudy, some clear and a couple amber. You want to look at the mushroom head of the Trich. For me I would keep checking until at least all are cloudy. If you are going for a Headdy high chop when all cloudy. For more of a body - couch potato high go for about 30-40% amber.

Plants don't generally ripen all at once and have a tendency to start from the top and ripen downward. I like to do a harvest over a couple days selecting the ripe colas at the top first. When I get down to about 1/2 the plant I just chop the rest.

Your the bud master get in there and check those trich's.
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