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Hi, I am new to growing this is my 3rd grow but my first time from seed. I don’t know why the first true leaves are twisting I can’t find answers anywhere online. I started by soaking seeds for 18 hours then I used the paper towel method I then planted my seeds in root riot cubes everything was fine they sprouted on Monday 10th August. I waited for roots to come out of the bottom of the cubes then I transplanted them to starter cups after I transplanted I watered them at the time I didn’t know but now I know I over watered them so I left them to dry out ive just lightly watered before I took these pics. There in coco and perlite 70/30 mix ph is fine 5.8 the coco I’m using is Atami I was told in my grow shop it already has enough food for 2weeks so I haven’t been feeding nutes they’ve been in my propagator humidity is 70/80% I opened the vents yesterday but have Ben taking lid off everyday to dry them out abit faster just don’t know why my leaves are twisting. All advice welcome guys.


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I'm with @stoneotter, take the cover off and let them dry out some
:hmmmm: ...and my 2 cents, I never use a humidity dome for seedlings, only for clones :popcorn:



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Thanks for the welcomes everyone an the reply’s to:thumb:, ye am going to leave the dome off from now and get a little fan on them hopefully I can recover a few if not its a shame but all experience:rollit:
Should be just a few days before they perk up.
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