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drey 420

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The leaves on my plant are drying out and some just starting to hang way down for some reason. The ones that drying out dont even turn yellow, but a few of the leaves are turning yellow at the tips. What could cause that? Also its been three weeks and a couple days since my plant was in flowering but there only 2 or 3 little white hairs (you can barely see them) between the branches under the last set of leaves, shouldnt it have more white hairs after 3 weeks?
Any help is appreciated:peace

drey 420

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My plant is in the atic and it gets pretty hot up there, a little hotter then what the temperature is outside. but i have a fan blowing on the plant at all times. I water it everyday because the soil drys up on top everyday. Should I water less? If so how often should I water?
Thanks for helping

SeXy VeXy

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Could you explain your set-up a bit more?

A little info into the growing conditions of your plants can aide us in giving the best info possible...
What does your area look like?
What lights are you using?
What is the temperatures?
Fertilizers, nutrients, soil quality?
Etc, etc......

drey 420

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For lights im using a 4 foot flouro and 2 cfls, I got it set up where each part of the plant gets plenty of light. The temperature during the day gets up to 90 but during the night its 70-75. For ferilizer im using mircle grow. im not sure what kind of soil im using but its the kind that came from a bag lol i dont remeber the brand. The plant is about 18".


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Woof, 90 degrees. . .Your gonna need to adress that. . . need to get some fresh air in there, anyway to pipe it in from the outside, being that your in an attic? watering everyday too. . . just because the top of the soil is dry, doesn't mean the soil IS dry. . . stick your fingure down a few inches, or better yet pick up a 5 dollar moisture meter. . Are you using full strength nutes. . MG can be pretty harsh, when I used it, I worked my way up to full strength. Started at 1/4 then to 1/2 etc...

Bagz :peace:


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90 degrees F is too hot. Fans will do nothing but blow the hot air around unless they are taking in outside air and pushing out the stale hotter air.

drey 420

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Thanks, I will do something about that temperature. I will also water less. When I started using MG I started out 1/2 strength then went up to full.


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High temps never help :3:
Summer ShutDown for those that can't afford A/C for the Farm.

Ah, one other thing,
these leaves on the very bottom of the plant/all lower branches?

Using floros and CFLs you have to fill in on the sides as the plant gets taller and wider.
Since you only get 3-8 inches of good useable light from these types of lighs.
Maybe a little deeper with CFL but I would think no more than 12 -14 inches.
Never put a meter to mine, they are just backups anyway.

Where as with HID(High Intensity Discharge) lights (MH & HPS)
you get several feet of good useable light. It's a higher lums Thang.

The light, fluffy buds/lack of buds
may also be a sign that they don't have enough Good Light.

These bulbs used? Over a year of use?
They get weak as do all bulbs with usage.

Try some Peters Flowering Plant food for flowering :)
be on the same shelf as MG or real close.
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