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Please need advice about mm / living in california or colorado


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Greetings Group!

I appreciate any help you may advise. Being Native Floridian I'm happy in Florida. I lived in Los Angels once back in 89-95. I enjoyed life in California back then but realize it's different now. I enjoy target shooting at the range (I like Guns), muscle cars, old school BMX, typical guy stuff. I am Republican but have liberal views. I would choose Colorado but never been to that state. I already know the San Fernando Valley area in LA but traffic, overpopulation, rude/materialistic mindset is common out there. No kids, divorced, early 50s. I'm financially good and would never be a leach off society and I enjoy volunteering with abused/rescued Animals.

Bottom line Medical Marijuana helps my pain immensely. No other remedy does what MM does. Florida is at least 3 years out from the day people can walk in to a store a buy it.

Any Advise - Much Appreciated :peace: :love: :peace: :love:
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