Please Post Opinion Of The Soil Mix I'm Using


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I am attempting my first grow in a 3'x4'x6' tall box using a digital ballast and 600w light setup. After talking with a local guy, I decided to use 7 gallon pots.

I found a really nice local soil mix called Earthgro. It's an all organic mix that contains .....

- Peat
- composted forest products
- sand

I also found Black Forest Compost on sale. It looks to be another all organic mix that contains .....

- compost
- forest humus
- worm castings
- Chicken poop
- bat guano
- kelp meal
- oyster shell
- dolomite
- lime
- mycorrhizae

I used 2 cubic feet of the dirt and mixed it with 1.5 cubic feet of the black forest compost. Then, I added about 1 cubic feet of perlite to help break it up and hold a little water. I mixed it all up in my wheel barrel and put it into a plastic garbage can (with no lid) to use as needed.

So far, I have 4 clones sitting in it ..... waiting for roots to form. Anyway, I was just wondering what some of the more experienced growers think about my choice of dirt. I would also be interested in any comments or suggestions concerning potential problems from this setup.

I also have gallon jugs made up of one ounce of liquid kelp/fish/peruvian sea bird guano mixed into a gallon of water. I intend to use this mix as nutes for my girls and PH up or down if needed.


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So ...... will this dirt work OK? Or, am I missing something?


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looks good for a rooted plant, I'd use it... probably a little too hot for seedlings, as for clones I couldn't tell ya-- I'm a rockwool kinda guy when it comes 2 that. Best of luck!


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I'm picking up some rapid rooters this weekend for cloning. For now, I have some clones in the dirt and they seem to be doin ok. This is the 5th day and the leaves aren't wilted much and the whole clones are still green and looking alive. I'm trying to stay as organic as I can.

Thanks for the comment on the dirt.


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It could use some sulfur and some azomite.

Besides that the ingredients in there are quite good.

For small babies use more of the earthgrow then the other stuff. but for teens or bigger you'll do great.


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That's good to hear. Thanks
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