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I feel like IV been doing this with a hand full of good people for a long time for nothing... People just don't care


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I havent found this till today, and to be honest that is my bad because i Always look at the Phone screen in stead of the pc. is there a way i can help you with awareness? it would be nice if i can do something ^^


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What a load of misinformed bull in that Government response!

I feel sorry for the police who, to read between the lines there, are being given the job of NOT prosecuting people, at the same time as our useless, unproductive, parasitical politicians, are drawing a fat salary (plus expenses) for not truly investigating the issue but merely nodding sagely and telling us - for our own good, mind you - how EVIL mj is; even when there is already a mass of proof that it can save lives.

Is it any wonder we Brits voted for Brexit? (the only thing which will give us a handle on our elected representatives, who, for years now, have blamed everything on Europe - which, incidentally, is in many cases are handling mj with more sense and discretion) or that Trump was elected in America - by an electorate presumably sick of the status quo?

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My mate has epilepsy and mj controls her fits better than the meds she takes l have anger and aggressiveness but l had rough violent childhood sexualabuse by babysitter husband mother was making me sick stop letting her make food or drinks by keeps me calm and relaxed I grateful that marijuana exists
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