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I'm glad to help out!

Its my belief that the US government will take hemp seriously once the market is large enough for Fortune 500 companies to start making money from it. This is part of the reason why its important to purchase hemp products, to "be the change we wish to see" as Ghandi said. The other major reason is the positive/limited ecological impact that hemp has in strike comparison to conventional cotton and of course petroleum derived synthetics.

The Global Hemp Store sells hemp clothing, jewelry, food, twine, body care and more. I hope that 420 Times Magazine viewers will visit the Global Hemp Store and in-turn Global Hemp Store will be able to help fund 420 Times Magazine; a win-win situation.

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thats jokes! that site even had hemp lube!.
if i had a credit card id order like some lotions i dunno,
cool site-store


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i noticed that site a while ago
great place for hemp related products
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