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Pleasure to meet you all


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I'm Max, I, from the province of Quebc, in Canada. I'm a new grower, just sick of paying those high prices I guess. I'm here to find information on growing techniques as I'm starting my first plants. I have 2 small plants going on, hoping to get them to produce a lot.
Hope everyone here is growing fine!

Canna Montana

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Welcome Monsieur66! We love seeing new people here. You have found a great place for help. If you would like to take a stroll through our journal, we'd be homored honored to have you! The link will be in my signature just below this post. Have a great day bud!

Stinky Snid

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Welcome to the community monsieur, this site and it's members will get you the information you're looking for. It's bar none the best social and cannabis reference site online. Hope to see lots of buds out of Quebec. Bonne chance...

KiG :green_heart:cheers
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