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Julie Gardener

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Re: History Channel - Ancient Aliens

I have had some experiences with the matrix that I cannot explain as well for about 10 years now. One I will express here that goes with UFO type happenings.

It happened one night while I was sitting on my patio looking at the night sky. I lived in Chino, California at the time. This was back sometime in 2003 a bit after I started having a different awareness of the world, and I was having one of those 'what is it all' and 'what does it all mean' moments. There was a bright 'star' in my view line that I fixated on and was watching it for a few moments, and I thought to myself 'this is real!' As soon as I got to the end of my thought, the 'star' shot straight up north into the night sky proving that maybe this is real but not what you think. I have never seen anything like it again. It wasn't a shooting star. It was a light in the sky that stood silent and looked like a star to me, just like the North Star, no movement and crystal brightness, and then shot up into the sky.

I had left my quest to figure things out and just live my life. Now I find myself here with all of you in a place of learning, openness and expressing. Because of that I have a feeling I will be growing inside more than I could ever imagine and things will come together when needed. This is the first time I have ever expressed this out loud. Peace and luv on this 4/20/11 to all...One Love
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