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Plenty Of Marijuana Seized Already, And Its Only August

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
The amount of marijuana confiscated by police so far this year in Josephine County forests already is about twice that taken last year.

The sheriff's offoce says that already an estimated 19,000 plants have been confiscated by police. That's compared with an estimated 8,000 found last year. Two years ago, only 700 plants were found.

And the harvest season is still young.

Sergeant Ken Selig says they suspect there's more out there.

Drug organizations have moved north in recent years from Northern California. Typically, they leave a few armed men at each garden for the summer. Selig warned that gardens might be found in areas where people might go for recreation.

Jackson County authorities say in the last two weeks, raids near Applegate Lake and Prospect netted more than 41,000 plants.

Selig says it's prime harvest season.

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