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Hey everyone, i would like to introduce myself. First off let me say thank tou for such an educational and interesting site.
I am a plumber by trade and am crazy about growing cannabis. I am not expert by any means. I have done several grows and am currently doing one now. I would like to share my sucesses/defeats. Im willing to learn from others.
Sativas and indicas along with many variety of strains differ in so many ways. I dont think i will ever figure it all out but am up for the challenge and the journey. Im excited about floums and exilums, cambiums etc. So before hand i would like to say thanks for all of your experiences and knowledge.
Welcome Plumb, we've got a journal section to show us your lovely girls. I'm sort of new myself but I have 2 links to my grows feel free to look. Happy growing.

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Hi everyone, and thanks for the welcome.
All i have is my phone to access the web. So i do not have the toolbar to start a journal or upload pics. Then again it says Im on a desktop at the bottom and not mobile?? Hmmm and i thought growing taught me patience.
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Sorry Ya'll Im computer and cell phone illiterate Im old school. I will try, i have a good mind when it comes to horticulture. I will help to the best of my abilities though, please keep in mind Im no expert. I grow very effectively and efficiently. Seems to be fine with patients family and friends. I would love to smoke but am unable to at this time due to being a union member with a zero tolerance. I retire in 5 years that when Im lighting up heavy since i have titanium in my legs. My union go by federal regs. But everyone else is very happy. I thank everyone for their welcoming and knowledge.