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Strain Name - Plumeria
From - Oahu, other than that info. is N/A. Grown on Oahu.
When - 3/29/11
Price - $550 oz, There wasn't an oz, I got about 3 grams.
Type - UNKNOWN! I believe it is a hawaiian sativa. I will update if/when I learn more.
Appearance - Light and fluffy buds. Lighter green color. Pictures in my next post.
Smell - Floral. It's absolutely wonderful. Like blossoming plumeria.:yahoo:
Taste - Like a bouquet in your mouth. Flowery and absolutely my favorite tasting smoke. Burns easy, and is one of the least harsh smokes.
Type of Buzz - Up high. Hits fast and strong. Almost psychedelic. Not couch lock in small doses, and I love couch lock, but its more than strong enough to just relax. Easily in my top 5 strains for strength.
Length of Buzz - With a small bowl, 1-2 hours. Regular sized bowl I can get a great buzz for 3 hours. With a vaped bowl I can get 2 to 3 hours. This is rare for me, I consider this one of my FAVORITE smokes in all categories, mostly taste though.
Best Medicinal Use - For me I medicate for anti-inflammatory properties, anti-nausea, and appetite stimulation. Great with at least the last two. I cant look inside my intestines, but I'm guessing the first as well since its keeping away abdominal discomfort. Very relaxing but still awake. Great for daytime medicating. Has a great uplifting mood effect.


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Sorry, my camera sucks!

But the micro camera is pretty good!






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No seeds! :sorry: I wish I could get some real hawaiian seeds, you can never find things you hear about on the islands online. Which was largely what prompted me to make a review of Plumeria.

White widow is the only strain I see coming from the big island, and I'm not a fan of that one. I used to see Banana Bud, which was just killer.

If anyone knows about any hawaiian lineages send me a message! I'm not talking about hawaiian snow or Maui Wowie.. I mean; kona gold, opihi, banana patch, etc. I would like to know more about them. :Namaste:

I live on Oahu, and from what I hear, the good stuff is really on the big island. So close, yet so far! Maybe I should go there before I move.


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I shared some smoke with friends yesterday and woo wee it was good.
They just called it Hawaiian and didn't really know what it was...no seeds.
Bummer! Keep up the search! :reading420magazine:
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