plz help a first timer save my purple kush babies overwatered


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ok here we go my plants on pictures number 1 was on was friday 6 days ago perfect plants then like a newb i overwatered them and since then letting them dry giving them really small amounts of water so small like 20 ml im scared to kill them and the bottom holes of my pots have burnt roots they were all nice and milky guessing root rot from overwtering no oxygen and i only gave them water since they poped my soil is half pro mix soil and perlite 50 / 50 ratio and yesterday i gave them there first dose of fertelizer half strenght its general hydroponic 3 part series i dont know what to do plz help the other pictures are from today there under 150 hps and 3 fluos 27 watts each 24 c in the grow box at all times i hope thats enought info thx alot


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i put 2.5 ml of each micro grow bloom and since they went down i watered 20ml only when bone dry and yesterday i put the first dose of fertilizer because the plants were staying yellow new growth yellow im goin crazy out here


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Water them until water runs out the bottoms. Then let dry until container feels lite again. repeat cycle from water-feed-water-feed until
new growth is looking good again. The yellowest of your leaves will not recover from the damage but don't sweat that just pull off the old damaged leaves as they become 50% damaged. In time your plants should recover :peace:
You will need more light eventually though to bloom that many plants or your yield will be pathetic. :thumb:
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