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Plz help


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some people claim that its ok to remove leaves that get in the way of light hitting the developing buds.

i think its far more acceptable to just pin leaves back or adjust lights to achieve the same effect without shocking the plant.


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i love my light mover,,,, i don't have to pin my leaves back, and the light just gets everywhere...


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Yeah im definitely not a fan of doing any trimming during flowering, anything that takes the plants energy away from budding is a big no no in my book! As some of the other guys said moving them out of the way of bud sites or pinning i think is best


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im 2 weeks in two flowerin and a friend told me to start takeing some leaves off so they have more power for the buds is this true

No! Don't take your leaves off. If they need to fall off, they will.

When you cut off the leaves, you're leaving your plant open to infections and other problems.

ALways try to leave the plant in tact whenever you can.
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