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PM Says Pot Soon to Be Decriminalized


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Jean Chrétien drew applause and a few whoops of joy at a fundraising dinner Tuesday night when he said that legislation decriminalizing possession of marijuana in Canada would soon be announced.

"Don't start to smoke yet," he quickly cautioned the celebrants in the audience.

"We're not legalizing it, we're decriminalizing," said Chrétien who points out he has never smoked a joint.

There is an important distinction between legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing it.

The Criminal Code amendments, expected to be introduced in the Commons within the next two months, will make possession of small amounts of pot a minor offence that would be treated something like a traffic violation.

"So you will have another ticket," said Chrétien, "for losing your senses, or something like that."

The prime minister promised the softer line on simple possession will be accompanied by a wider anti-drug strategy that will continue to be tough on traffickers.

Justice Minister Martin Cauchon has repeatedly promised decriminalization. But he has put off action for months, leading some to wonder whether the government is serious.

Chrétien also announced his plan to ban corporate party fundraisers which would, ironically, prohibit such events as this $500-a-plate dinner he attended Tuesday.

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Ya Canada Kicks ass:allgood: But this is oooold news m8. Says that article was updated Apr.30/03 and Chretien hasn't been pm for a long while now. Still great news when it happened.

:peace: malibu


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Yup, that's what I was about to mention. Chrétien hasn't been around in a while... Further more, with the Conservative party and Harper running the office, decrim isn't gonna happen anytime soon.. Sadly.
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