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¿ Vaporizer ~V~ Hookah ? Little or Lots, Whats More Fun For You?

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I'm back from the dead! Welcome all you doo-be lovers, to the greatest post alive! Ganjajivve your haze away with a little toke of Luck and a Bad Bass Line!! Or Blazze it back with some May and Maytals....:rasta::Namaste::blunt::lot-o-toke:

?¿Cash Rules Everything Around Me?¿

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Re: P∅£t

Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine
Thank you for joining 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness...:thumb:

Sit back and enjoy the ride with your Vaporizer and surf the forms...:yummy:

MV... :popcorn:


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Cheers mate, as much as I would love to enjoy the liberality of Ganj-awareness, and freely express/explore an alternative perception of human nature, I live in a very….repressed environment, my situation is delicate, thus I tone back my consumption and focus on HIGHER priority matters such as work and future endeavors. Education seems to be the evolving consumer trend, what with high (rocketing) prices and varying degrees of effort from both teacher and students, but to have that job which provides for you, the family you might desire, the interests you might pursue etc etc, you have to have that piece of paper! "What's a tree to my degree?!" But Personally Wwoofing seems right up my alley, along with acting and scripting (I should probably get on with that huh, instead of making sandwiches for these fools paying 10 dollars for an average meal, unable to actually provide for themselves in the most basic of ways, actually growing or farming, knowing how to make food and where it comes from instead of knowing where to purchase prepared food! procrastination and anxiety are such a deadly combo, I wonder what might help with that? hmmmm) sorry i kind of just go as i type. Hope you find it ironically enjoyable!

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It's ok a lot of people do that here, even myself included... :19:

Here is 1 for you baxter27... :smokin2:

Some guy or gal, go's in to a store, just because there "hungry" thats all and start shooting and killing all kinds of people for food..., Just imagine the insane shit ok...! :yikes:
Here is a guy/gal...., They go's to a automotive factory for 32 years, Every day, 5 and even 6 days a week for 32 f*****g years.Then even retires from the automotive factory @ the good age of 60, Just to set home and have some 1 take care of their ass...! :goodluck:

What would you call insane...? :30:

Thats why I live in Alaska, just like that person in the store.
I am not here to play, Just to live...

MV... :popcorn:


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:welcome: to the 420Mag Family. We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness across the globe. We provide the most comprehensive up to the minute Cannabis News worldwide, so you know all the facts. I will provide some links that will keep you well informed on late breaking news across the world. We also have Legal Medical Marijuana Gardens that will blow your mind. 420Mag has members from around the world who count on us, and the friendships forged here to get the truth about Cannabis.
Why not :surf: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/ and tell us what you think? If there is anything we can assist you with just say the word. Have a great and safe time, see you on the boards.
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