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Police Chief Harvests Marijuana Plants

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Little Beaver Township police harvested almost $5,000 worth of marijuana this week.

Chief David McBride, on patrol about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, said an informant notified him that marijuana plants might be growing in a cornfield on Cory Road.

He found four plants 5 1/2-feet tall and 3 1/2-feet wide, he said.

McBride also found a dozen stumps where much larger plants already had been harvested.

“Based on the size of the stump remaining, those plants must have been more than 10 feet tall.”

The plants that had been allowed to grow with the corn were 20 to 30 rows into the field, he said.

McBride notified the district attorney’s office of his finding, he said, and the plants were photographed, processed, then destroyed.

He added he had remained in the area Wednesday night to see if whoever had planted the marijuana would return for the remaining plants, but no one did.

“The property owner was cutting the corn, turning over the soil and planting his winter wheat crop on Wednesday,” McBride said. “The marijuana crop would be lost if the farmer plowed it under.”

McBride and his officers, who include his brother Michael, will be scouting fields throughout the township in search of more marijuana.

“I know there are plants in the area,” he said, “the problem is locating them.

“I’m slowly learning who the bad apples in the township are,” he continued. “With the help of the community, we can stop a lot of drug activity in our town.”

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