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Police Destroy 800,000 Marijuana Plants

Jim Finnel

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Police yesterday uprooted and destroyed 800,000 marijuana plants growing in the mountains of the southern Caribbean Talamanca region, according to a statement from the Public Security Ministry.

Many of the plants on these illegal plantations measured as tall as three meters and were ready to be cut for consumption, the statement said. Police burned most of the plants on site upon discovering them, but they brought a small sample to the Public Security Ministry's headquarters for closer examination, said spokeswoman Marielos Barboza.

This marijuana round-up was part of the Public Security Ministry's efforts to cut off drug trafficking where it begins, said Minister Fernando Berrocal.

“Every one of the plants that was cut by police would have gone on to contaminate the hands of citizens,” he said.

So far this year, police have destroyed more than 2 million marijuana plants all over the country.

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Source: Tico Times
Author: Amanda Roberson
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Years ago, when I was around there, it was a very wild ass area, where the "Sponish", or white Ticos, were not so well thought of. The central govt. in San Jose mostly just left it alone, along with the Atlantic coast in general. The 14 families who run Costa Rica must have wanted in on some of the action. And they don't have enough manpower to cut that many plants-if they got 2000 it might be believable. Possibly just a stunt to get more U.S. money. In 1971, the U.S. sent them some money hoping that they would buy some more arms for the police, but got very pissed off when they spent it on musical instruments for the school kids instead.
I still have letters thanking me for my effort in sending loads of surplus school books to them, to help them in their effort to keep their English language alive, as the central govt would only teach in Spanish.
Every where you look now, small, independent outside cultures are being eleminated and forced to be like the majority.
And everywhere, we should resist!


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Good info Chance ^
Every time I hear about one of these big busts I wonder about the logistics of planting 800,000 plants. Did they germinate them in little pots? Did they plow the land and plant them directly in the ground? How many workers did it take? I've been tripping about this for about 20 min. now. Better move on.
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