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Police Find $1.2 Million Grow

Jim Finnel

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LEWISBURG, WV — State Police in Greenbrier County confiscated 604 marijuana plants worth more than $1.2 million during flyovers Tuesday using an Army National Guard helicopter.

Trooper W.A. Pendleton said 600 marijuana plants were spotted in a field near Trout in the north-central part of the county. He said the street value of the plants was about $1.2 million. No arrests have been made.

“It is undetermined at this time who owns the property,” Pendleton said Thursday. “The outdoor growth was a sophisticated operation.”

Pendleton said there is an ongoing investigation concerning the pot find.

Another four plants were spotted from the air at a residence in the Dawson area, Pendleton said. These plants had a street value of roughly $8,000.

“Arrests are pending in the four plants found outside of a residence in the Dawson area,” he said.

Pendleton said the drug sweeps were part of a yearly marijuana eradication effort involving members of the Lewisburg and Rainelle detachments in conjunction with the Army National Guard Reconnaissance and Interdiction Detachment. When marijuana is spotted from the air, ground units are deployed to the area and a search is conducted, he said.

“Marijuana puts off its own distinct look from the air and it is spotted just with eyes,” Pendleton said. “It has a unique greenish color that’s very different from other vegetation in the area.”

Pendleton said authorities are in the process of destroying the confiscated marijuana.

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