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Police Get High To Find Cannabis

Jim Finnel

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"If the helicopter is up and about it can very quickly locate large heat areas, like a cannabis factory which uses heat lamps. If people want to grow cannabis, then they should beware," Mr McCausland told members of Belfast DPPthis week.

According to Mr McCausland, cannabis causes the biggest concern for police, followed by *edit - hard drugs.

He said the value of cannabis is higher in Northern Ireland than in cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh because of difficulties smuggling it in, thanks to major police operations.

Late last year, the PSNI made its largest seizure of cannabis to date. Three-and-a-half tons of the drug worth £18m were found in the back of a lorry-load of wooden doors in a warehouse on the Quarry Heights Industrial Estate in Newtownards.

"We have made significant inroads into this particular activity and have also been successful in disrupting cannabis factories growing plants. We will continue to focus on this area. We also ask the community that, if you see people growing strange plants in their home, let us know."

The number of people arrested for drug offences in Ulster continues to rise, indicating a rise in drug use. In Belfast alone, drug offence arrests leapt by 50% over the past year from 331 to 506. The number of people charged has risen by 24% from 304 to 378.

"There has been an increase in drug use, particularly use in a social setting. It is something we are going to have to watch. If we have detected more drugs, then use is increasing, particularly cannabis," he said.

Mr McCausland said the increase can be attributed to its declassification to class C.

A trend across England, Scotland and Wales has seen people turn their homes into cannabis factories, where cannabis is grown in almost every room in the house. It is believed to be catching on in Northern Ireland.

Head of the PSNI's Crime Operations, Assistant Chief Constable Peter Sheridan, has also warned of the rise of *edit - a hard drug.

"Cannabis is rising in terms of home-grown cannabis but *edit - a hard drug is also on the rise," he said.

There are serious medical concerns over cannabis use. Research suggests its use can trigger symptoms of psychosis which may continue even after the drug use is stopped.

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...Research suggests its use can trigger symptoms of psychosis which may continue even after the drug use is stopped.

Except we can't actually cite this "research" can we now? Perhaps because it doesn't exist. :laugh2:

Doctors are prescribing cannabis to people with cancer and AIDS, so I find it hard to believe they would authorize the use of this drug for these patients if it did in fact make you form a mental disorder in addition to your terminal illness.


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Unfortunately, there are studies out there that have shown a link between cannabis and psychosis.

BBC NEWS | Health | Cannabis raises risk of psychosis

Mostly it just says that if your family has had some sort of mental illness in its past, the use of pot can actually bring out those illnesses in the user.

I don't know if I believe this or not, because my family has had problems with mental illness and I smoked a lot and I'm fine. :hmmmm:


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So only people with a prior tendency towards psychosis are suceptable to it when smoking marijuana? Well what came first, the chicken or the egg? Were they psycotic before marijuana use, or only afterwards, whose to say.
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