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Police: Man Had 3.3 Pounds Of Marijuana

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An Evansville man is due in court this morning after police say they discovered more than three pounds of marijuana in his home.

Ronrico Dwayne Shane, 34, is preliminarily charged with dealing marijuana over 30 grams, a class D felony.

Police say they discovered about 3.3 pounds in Shane's Evansville residence after finding signs of drugs during a traffic stop Tuesday night.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed by Evansville Police Department Officer Steve Hicks (PDF), Shane was initially stopped on South Governor Street when officers checked his license plate and found it did not match his vehicle.

After smelling the odor of marijuana from the vehicle, the affidavit said officers searched Shane and found $3,000 inside a Crown Royal bag in his pocket.

Police did not find any evidence of drugs in the car, but the affidavit said when an officer returned to his squad car, where Shane was held during the search, he found a small bag of marijuana on the floorboard. Shane reportedly told the officer the bag had been concealed in his shoe.

Detectives with the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Joint Drug Task Force soon went to Shane's residence, 521 S. Grand Avenue. There, the affidavit said they saw what appeared to be a small amount of marijuana in a recycling bin outside and a digital scale visible from the front window. The home also smelled of marijuana, the affidavit said.

Armed with a search warrant later that night, the affidavit said police conducted a search and found about 3.3 pounds of marijuana, a digital scale with marijuana residue, a police scanner and nearly $3,500 in additional currency. Police also said they found surveillance equipment, a shotgun, shotgun ammunition, pistol ammunition and hundreds of cigars, which the affidavit said are often hollowed out and then packed with marijuana.

Shane was arrested for trafficking more than 10 pounds of marijuana in 1996, although police did not immediately have a record of how that case turned out.

Shane is being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail without bond pending his initial court appearance.

Source: Evansville Courier and Press
Copyright: 2007 Evansville Courier and Press
Contact: Gavin Lesnick
Website: Police: Man had 3.3 pounds of marijuana : Local News : Evansville Courier Press

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Reading articles about people getting busted for marijuana isn't one of my favorite reads. However, I do like to read such articles to recognize what mistakes the smoker made that brought the authorities to his door. In this article I've found seven.
1. His license plate did not match his vehicle.
2. There was the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.
3. The officer found $3,000 inside a Crown Royal bag in his pocket.
4. The officer found a small bag of marijuana that had been concealed in his shoe.
5. The detectives saw what appeared to be a small amount of marijuana in a recycling bin outside.
6. The detectives saw a digital scale that was visible from the front window.
7. The home also smelled of marijuana.

You could add more mistakes he made, but the exercise is to sharpen your skills at flying below the radar. It made me hurry and purchase a filter freshener for my exhaust fan and to keep the candles and air fresheners going in the house. To get busted is bad; to get busted after knowing others have been busted for the same carelessness is just stupid.
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I cant agree more Mago :3: giving up your friends/family is a big problem now-a-days . some can't fathom the idea of " do the crime , do the time." I feel that marijuana laws are stupid , but they are there and we do know the risks we are taking.
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