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Police Raid Cannabis Farm At House

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Police have uncovered another sophisticated cannabis factory in a quiet residential street - and this time plants worth around £120,000 were seized.

Officers forced their way into a semi-detached house in New Chapel Lane, Horwich, to find 150 plants being grown.

Nearly ten stones of the drug were bagged up ready for distribution.

All three bedrooms were being used to grow the plants.

Neighbours in the quiet street had no idea the hi-tech operation, which included lights and fans, was taking place behind the doors of the house which is named Highlea.

Acting on a tip-off, police raided the rented property at 4.30pm yesterday.

A Vietnamese man arrested at the scene on suspicion of cultivating cannabis was last night being questioned by officers.

PC Shaun Vernon, who led the raid, said: "It was like Blackpool illuminations with the lights in the bedrooms when we got there. We forced our way into the property after receiving some intelligence. We found a single Vietnamese male in one of the bedrooms and he was arrested."

Shocked neighbours watched police taking away the drugs from the house.

Ross Dunning, aged 64, said: "I had absolutely no idea anything was going on."

Another neighbour, Gemma Doran, said: "I have never seen anyone in there, I thought the house was empty."

It is the latest in a string of cannabis operations uncovered across Bolton.

Last week £100,000 worth of cannabis was found in Forton Avenue, Breightmet, where about 200 plants were being cultivated in a detached house.

The drug-growing operation had been set up in less than four weeks after the house was renovated and then let by the landlord.

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