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Police raid fails to weed out cannabis

Jim Finnel

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POLICE in riot gear paid an early morning visit to a Dagenham house hoping to find large quantities of cannabis.

But despite a thorough search with a sniffer dog lasting just over an hour they left empty handed.

Officers obtained a search warrant to search the house in Becontree Ward after intelligence led them to believe that cannabis was being sold there.

After a 6am briefing at Mark's Gate Police Station the police team travelled to the house and knocked on the door before sunrise.

The resident opened the door and there was no need to force entry. Once inside a sniffer dog was used to try and detect illegal substances, but none were found and no arrests were made.

The operation was a joint effort consisting of officers from Becontree, Parsloes, Thames and Valence Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Full helmets, shields and stab vests were worn as a precaution.

Sergeant John Green of Becontree Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), who was leading the operation, said: "Information was received by Becontree SNT and Crimestoppers and we are duty bound to act on that.

"To get a search warrant we have to research the evidence and present it to a magistrate who then decides whether to give us the warrant.

"If anyone has any information they should be assured that we will act on it and treat it in the strictest confidence."

After the operation officers went back to their various wards.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams have been involved in numerous dawn raids in previous months. Teams are encouraged to gather local information from residents and to act on their findings.

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