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Police Seize 30lb UPS Delivery

Jim Finnel

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Law enforcement officers intercepted a highly-illegal UPS delivery, unwrapping 30 pounds of mailed marijuana and detaining one woman for questioning.
Friday morning Indiana State Police Detective Allan Strange received a phone call from an officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department, informing him that a potentially illegal package was making its way to Monticello.
"An officer with the interdiction unit at the Louisville airport said that there was a package that had arrived at the UPS hub that the dogs hit on for drugs," said White County Sheriff's Detective Tony Lantz, who is investigating the case. "He also said that it smelled strongly of marijuana."
According to Lantz, officers from the Monticello Police Department, White County Sheriff's Office and Indiana State Police planned a sting operation of sorts to intercept the package, which originated in southern Texas, when it was delivered by UPS to Western Heights Apartments at 1245 West Broadway, Monticello.
Lantz said that when the package was delivered by UPS a woman who lives in Western Heights, Hortencia De La Moram, 40, signed for the package as she entered the building. She is currently being held at the White County Sheriff's Office, though no charges have been filed.
The recipient's name on the package, which the authorities are not releasing at this time, did not correspond with the name listed as the address's tenant, which Lantz said has made the ongoing investigation a "paper case" for the authorities.
The confiscated goods are being held at the White County Sheriff's Office as evidence. With an approximate street value of around $60,000, Lantz said the seizure was an unusually large one for White County.
"I'd say this is a hugely significant amount of marijuana for the area," said Lantz.
The marijuana was packaged in 12-14 layers of a combination of shrink wrap, baby wipes, grease and foil, all what Lantz said are common things drug dealers believe can help throw the police dogs off the scent.
"It obviously doesn't work. It's just a myth," said Lantz.


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shrink wrap, baby wipes, grease and foil.....myth busted (that's the second time I've said that today lol)
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