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Police: Victims Shot Each Other; 2 Others Charged With Murder


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The two men who died as the result of a Friday shooting on Shorter Industrial Boulevard appeared to have shot each other, but two other men were charged with murder because of their alleged involvement in the incident, Rome Police detective Joe Costolnick said Saturday.

Drew Barnes, 24, of Warren Road, and Thaddeus Helton Jr., 20, of John Ross Drive, both died of gunshot wounds.

Austin Tyler Nix, 24, of 16 Meadowood Drive, and Cordaricus Deshjo High-tower, 22, of 1622A Melrose Drive, have been arrested.

Nix was charged with murder, possession of marijuana, criminal attempt to distribute or possess marijuana, and possession of a gun during the commission of a crime, all felonies. High-tower was charged with murder and criminal attempt to purchase or possess marijuana.

Costolnick said Barnes and Nix were at the warehouse, which Barnes rented, preparing a significant amount of marijuana for sale. Helton and Hightower arrived at the warehouse with the intent to purchase the drug.

Meanwhile, three of the four individuals were armed with pistols: Barnes had a Glock; Helton had a revolver and Nix had a .380.

“An altercation ensued. We don’t know how or why,” said Costolnick.

Nix and Hightower both fled the scene. When police arrived, they found the two shooting victims alive, and Barnes told police that Helton had shot him.

Hightower returned to the warehouse — police believe he left to seek help — and Nix was found hiding in the woods. All three guns were located at the scene, as were large amounts of marijuana and cash.

Costolnick said High-tower and Nix were charged with murder because Georgia law states that anyone involved in an event that results in the death of a person is responsible for the death.

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