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Poll: Majority of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

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Legalizing marijuana use has been a debate that waxes and wanes in various political climates but has always remained a hot issue with smoking embers. However, a recent poll finds most Americans support legalizing the drug.

Several states have legalized it for medical purposes and some have considered legalizing it in a broader sense. Three quarters of Americans surveyed said they support legalization of marijuana for medical treatment (74 percent) with almost half saying they strongly support it (48 percent).

However, the Harris Poll conducted in late February also found that a significant amount of Americans say they oppose the legalization of medical marijuana in their state (18 percent), and even fewer--7 percent--said they are not sure what they think about the issue.

Despite widespread approval of cannabis for medical use, lighting up a doobie for recreational purposes is far less agreeable. Two in five supported legalizing marijuana for recreational use in their state (42 percent) and half opposed it (49 percent). Some 7 percent said they were unsure and 2 percent declined to answer.

The results of the poll varied by region. Adults in the East were most supportive of legalizing marijuana for both medical use and recreational use, 80 percent and 50 percent respectively. People in the West were the next most supportive, with 76 percent supporting legalizing medical marijuana and 50 percent saying recreational use was ok.

Some 74 percent of Midwesterners supported medical marijuana legalization, but fewer than two in five okayed it for recreational use (39 percent). Southerners were the least supportive in general with only 69 percent supporting medical marijuana legalization and 34 percent for recreational use.

Marijuana has been legalized for certain medical uses in 15 states, and possession of the drug has been decriminalized in various places. California recently voted on whether or not to legalize it completely. The measure failed to pass.

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