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My Blue Wizard as I call it, my Frankenstein so I can name it what I want ;) :19: really tossing out the color:

Doubt that corner of my grow area way colder ;) as the other plants not throwing color that hard (she one back left obviously), unless the gravitational pull of the moon affects that corner of the shed more :19::

Not sure if or when I will pop any more of those, as other one I popped was the one that went into Flower and then back to Veg w/o changing the lights and then before I flipped them all it threw out balls so my first "true Hermie". As my other hermie I had was from seeds I bought was the nanners everywhere kind.


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Pollen in vials, with raw rice, in freezer

I recently used pollen about 2 yrs old, still as good as the day I got it
Would keeping the pollen in their little sacs in a vial with rice also work, and then harvesting the sacs as needed?

Also, the plant I called Runt seems to have flowered way early, probably due to him being planted early; and Runt ended up being a boy. I was wanting a male to bust a nut all over one or two of his sisters (all seeds from last year's grow, so all siblings) in order to get my first what I call baseline strain.

At first I was thinking of transplanting him into a big planter and keeping him indoors in hopes of him going back to veg. Then I figured I would wait and ask here and see whether or not his pollen can be harvested and preserved now for use this fall while getting rid of the plant and replacing him with one of the two I have potted here inside as reserves.

I'm pretty sure he hit puberty early, and these aren't jusr preflowers...


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Would keeping the pollen in their little sacs in a vial with rice also work, and then harvesting the sacs as needed?
Great question. It's got a chance to be viable but I've never done it this way. I'm thinking that the plant will tell you that the pollen is viable when the sac burst and lets the pollen loose. You could always try it but I would also harvest the pollen as it falls. I know that way works.

I did take some of those green sacs off once and then carved into it with a sharp knife. What I remember of that was it was damp and sticky like substance and didn't really even look like pollen. 'sorry...I know that's not much help.


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Hey Mother Chuckers! haha

Here are a few pics of the current Mother Chucking project I have going on..

4 gods gift males used to open pollinate 2 Gods Gift females and a handful of other strains. The males were removed 1 week after the pollen started dropping.

Gods Gift on day 27 flowering with seeds growing:

Trainwreck with gods gift seeds

GDP with gods gift seeds


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Hey All.
Just to confirm my memory is correct.

About Males for breeding.
A quicker flowering male is better than a slower one?
My one boy put out sacks quick, almost freaky quick, quicker than his brother. They both smell the same and both have good structure, the quicker one is taller but they both have good vigor considering I have them both in a small container.

Both broke soil within a day or 2.....
the quicker one top triple purple Rhino boy

the slower one, shorter but i like the structure of the plant

:meatballs: Gonna collect some sacks for the next couple of days then them chop up.
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