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Pollinating Female with Pollen from Her Father


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I pollinated several females in my last grow and now have some of the plants from those seeds in flowering. I still have some of the pollen left stored in a glass jar in the fridge. I was wondering, what would be the respected results it I pollinated one of these females with pollen from the male which produced her...her father in other words. I suspect it would produce seeds but would there be bad genetics to do so?


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Actually, on many lower life forms, some inbreeding can be a good thing. The reason for this is because when you inbreed a parent with a child, it will often activate recessive gene traits, resulting in unexpected differences. These can be good or bad things, depending on your goals.

The only reason it's really bad for it in humans is because a lot of people have recessive traits that can rapidly become a dominant trait in the inbred offspring, and humans usually have recessive genes for many genetic disorders, from mental retardation to massive birth defects. But for plants, and lower animals, the risks are not as bad, and can bring some desired recessive traits out.

I'd save some pollen for another run, if the traits that pop out are quite desirable, to tease out more.
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