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Poorman's First Indoor Closet Soil, Apollo Jack x 4 + SSH x 2, ScroG, 6 x 120W CFL


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Hello there kind folk and welcome to my first documented growing attempt, as the title states, I'm going to attempt growing a few good seeds in somewhat clandestine conditions, I will be needing your growing wisdom during this voyage :)

Small prologue before we start;
I'm a longtime reader of 420Magasine, been stalking this place for about a couple of years now. Like any newbie to the growing world I think my plans were far bigger for what I could handle in the start to say the least.

And here I am again, I'm planing to start smaller and safer this time.

I spent a big deal of time and effort scrounging up all the needed material for this (The consumer market is a bit limited in that department where I am right now) and I'm still lacking a few. So DIY and improvisation are going to be the essence of this build.

I got some bag-seed from some friends, I thought it was decent when I smoked it so they saved me up 50 or so seeds. Naturally I wasn't going to go through the risk of growing for some bag-seed, oh no, I managed to get my hands on some Feminized Apollo Jack, Super Silver Haze, Himalaya Gold and White Widow....Now I don't quite remember the origins of these seeds, since they had to be shipped to a diff country, repackaged by my connection and mailed back to me (which takes a ridiculous amount of time for some odd reason).

So I wanted to see what my chances were with the bag-seed first before germinating my prime seeds. I put 12 in the paper towel and after a couple of days they all germinated, I planted them all in small pots/cups, used some soil I had lying around and put them under a CFL....after a few days they all deployed their cotyledons and even the first pair of true leaves...but those were hectic days and I don't know what caused their direct whithering but they gradually all died.

Yet I learned a few things from this failed pilot, I also knew that if I managed to germinate 12 unknown bag-seeds, my chances were better than that with a few quality seeds and better quality conditions. So I germinated 5 Apollo Jacks and well, this is where this journal kicks off....

On to the specs:

Strain: Apollo Jack - Not a lot of info on this seed, probably an underdog, we'll see what comes out. If you know something I don't please let me know.
Some SSH will also be grown - Now Super Silver Haze Being a cross of Northern Lights, Haze and Skunk (Just like Jack Herer) this could be my new favorite strain. It is supposed to be almost identical to Herer but is probably little more Haze dominant due to the longer flowering period <<<<(that wasn't me)

Phase: Currently 5 Apollo Jacks are in seedling stage (Day 8 since Germination)

Location: Indoor Closet.

Veg/Flowering time: 4 weeks Veg / 9 weeks Flowering

Cropping Methods to be used: ScroG + LST

Dimensions of grow space: 98cm W * 125cm H * 57cm D OR 3.21ft W * 4.10ft H * 1.8ft D meaning I have about 6sq. feet of space (Probably wont be needing all that vertical space though)

Medium: Soil (Adjusted Ready Mix, scroll down for details)

Container Size: 10 Liter pots (Possibly 14L Air Pots).

Light Source: Adjust-a-Wing Reflector with custom built 6 x(23W=>120W) CFL array. And Additional lights below ScroG level.

Ventilation: Bathroom air extractor.

Temp and Humidity: Currently at Night on Day 8 - 78F, 46%RH.

Co2? - Yes, Foilar spray Alka Seltzer :MoreNutes:

Nutes and Ferts: Currently watering them with aquarium water. I have Atami Ferts and Nutes incoming though.


Oh and Hai! :rasta:

Right off the bat I had the feeling that the soil I used for the first bag-seeds I planted was no good. I wasn't going to risk it messing up my quality seeds so I went out and got myself some premium indoor potting soil, now it's some underdog local brand but it's gonna have to do since I cant have any FFOF here.

Here's the soil composition:

I Noticed that the PH of this mix was a bit acidic on 6.0, I wanted to raise that and had no Lime or PH UP, a quick search for substitutes on Google told me I can get the same effect by drying the eggshells then pounding them into dust and mixing that in with the soil, and I did that.

I mixed my soil and my eggshell powder and added just enough water so that a handful of soil would mold but then quickly break up when poked. I also didn't have any Perlite to lighten the mix so I made sure not to pack the soil in the pots too much.

Once I had a centimeter or so on my taproots (paper towel method) I made 5mm deep holes with chopstick and placed each seed gently with the pointy end (where the taproot comes out from) pointing upwards. I read afterwards that according to cannon literature I was wrong in doing so...well at the end I don't think it mattered much.

On to some pics:

I kept them under a small CFL Daylight bulb, they all broke surface on day two, I didn't water them at all during the first week.

Here is a pic from day 7:

As you can see in the pic: They started stretching a bit early cos the light was far off, I brought it down closer to them and this is how I slightly burned the tip of one of them (?). Also notice the smaller seedling, the little runt in the little small pot, he displayed a lot of vigor and is quickly catching up to his bigger companions especially after the day 7 watering of nitrogen rich aquarium water (10mg Nitrite / Liter) :yummy:

Here's a pic of the closet I'll be growing in (Excuse the mess):

I emptied it out of all of it's content, and spray cleaned it with medium strength solution of Detol and water.

Today is day 8, Saturday, I was bored so I decided to try my hand at building a small Incubator/Propagator for my young seedlings, on occasion of moving them into the closet today.

The Idea is simple: Get a foam fruit tray, line the inside with black panda film (I didnt have any Panda Film so I used a heavy duty 80L garbage bag, sliced it up to size. Once you line it up inside, fill the crate up to 1/3rd of the way up with water.

Drop a ceramic tile inside (Ceramics hold heat, so does Styrofoam, the black plastic keeps light out and prevents algae in the water) add some Detol to the water (thinking it will stop microscopic baddies) and attach an aquarium water heater to the tile (I used a 100W Heater that I got for next to nothing).

I set the heater to 28 Degrees Celcius, having read somewhere that if the temperature in the root-zone is slightly higher than that of the air, this would lead to faster root-mass being developed.

Put another sheet of plastic on top so that it barely touches the water.
Now Stapler/Duct Tape the whole thing together and into the closet it goes where the small CFL light hangs right on top of it:

One last pic of the babies:



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Re: Poorman's First Indoor Closet Soil, Apollo Jack x 4 + SSH x 2, ScroG, 6 x 120W CF

Thanks mate

I'm worried they might have stretched a bit, some even started dangerously leaning sideways, so I got some think chicken wire and made some improvised supports and now they're all looking dandy.

Will post pics first thing in the morrow, it's gonna be day 9 and we'll see whats new :)


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Re: Poorman's First Indoor Closet Soil, Apollo Jack x 4 + SSH x 2, ScroG, 6 x 120W CF

Day 9

Morning folks, Hope you all had a good time over the Holidays, Happy Easter to all :)

Here are a few pics from this morning:

Some of the plants started getting heavy for their elongated stems, so I did the following:

Temperature and Humidity have been stable in the closet at around 24 Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 - 55% RH.

The light has been on 24/7 since the start (with a couple of exceptions of a few hours during a routine power outage due to maintenance on the grid)

A Couple of questions:

How do my seedlings look on day 9? Are they underdeveloped? Overdeveloped? Notice the 2nd set of true leaves is already well formed :)

Is it time to transplant yet? If so should I transplant them directly into 10L Pots, or should I move to 3L first and then re-pot again ?

Thank you all for the assitance :peace2:


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Re: Poorman's First Indoor Closet Soil, Apollo Jack x 4 + SSH x 2, ScroG, 6 x 120W CF

lookin good cannarebel (cool name) ! the only thing I could say is they looking a little stretched out, so you might want to put your lighting a little closer so they dont try and reach for the light..other than that they look like little beautys!:thumb:


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Re: Poorman's First Indoor Closet Soil, Apollo Jack x 4 + SSH x 2, ScroG, 6 x 120W CF

Day 10:

Hello guys! I got a few updates.

Anybody ever done business with hydroponics.eu?
The reason why I'm asking is because I made an order on the 8th of April for my PH meter and Atami Nutes, paid for it and asked for express delivery through DHL.

A few days passed on and I have had no input from them, not even under the section in their website where you can keep track of the status of your order.
I tried giving them a ring on all their listed numbers and even through their skype number, online messaging form and live chat support.....no reply on any of these channels.

My last resort was firing off an email inquiring about the status of my order, the reply came telling me that I need to pay additional fees because they didn't expect the handling/shipping fees to be higher than expected (due to my location). No problem, I paid up the rest of what was owed, saw the status of my order on their site change to "Paid", a few days later it turned to "Shipped". No email confirming this from them, I had to manually check on their site. I also didn't receive any tracking number.

After a few more days, still no tracking number. I emailed them on all channels again, and today finally got a reply telling my that my shipment has been sent to me through TnT and gave me a tracking number....

Well I checked the tracking number and this is what I got:

12 Nov 2010 15:28:00 Butt Road Service Centre Shipment Delivered In Good Condition.
12 Nov 2010 14:33:50 Butt Road Service Centre Out For Delivery.
12 Nov 2010 11:47:23 Butt Road Service Centre Shipment Received At Destination Depot.
12 Nov 2010 11:33:44 Madras Shipment In Transit.
12 Nov 2010 01:45:00 Poona Shipment In Transit.
12 Nov 2010 00:32:49 Poona Shipment In Transit.
11 Nov 2010 22:50:56 Poona Shipment Received At Origin Depot.

Which is clearly not my shipment......

So, I'm having panic attacks here.

I need to replant those babies soon, like ASAP and was waiting to get my nutes so i can start with them immediately fertilized in their larger pots....

I did a few searches on google and found out this shop has had a lot of negative feedback, so now I'm worried...:(

Need a reputable, secure online grow shop/store that will ship worldwide and accepts credit card.


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Re: Poorman's First Indoor Closet Soil, Apollo Jack x 4 + SSH x 2, ScroG, 6 x 120W CF

Quick update:

Contacted the web-store, the shipping company, apparently here has been a mix-up, they're resolving it and I should hear back from them very soon....with good news I hope.

Transplanting will be delayed another 2 days to see if my nutes and ferts come on time, if not, I'm gonna transplant anyway's.

Will post pics tonight as soon as I'm off work, there has been lots of recent growth :)


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Re: Poorman's First Indoor Closet Soil, Apollo Jack x 4 + SSH x 2, ScroG, 6 x 120W CF

Hello ladies and gents :roorrip:

Sorry for the scarcity in posting, been really busy over the weekend as my job often demands working lots of overtime and/or on Saturdays....and tbh, I spent the Sunday getting mostly ripped to another dimension :Namaste:
Thankfully I will be unemployed soon....I think I'm the first guy to be happy about this fact and waiting for the day to come :tokin:

So, let me show you what's new :)

We left our plants when they were a weeee 10 - 12 days old according to my last post.

5 Apolo Jack Feminised seeds were started in a paper towel and then planted in small 3 inch seedling pots, they were put on 24/7 light under a single 16W CFL before they were moved into my poorman's setup.

Some feedback I got concerning these seeds that I received originally from my mate: Apparently the seed company is Queen Seeds and this is what they had to say about their strain:

THC : 19 %
CBN : 0.19 %
Height Ext. : : 200 - 300 cm
Blooming : 55 / 60 Days
Outdoor's harvest : mi September / mi October
Yield : 500 / 650 g. per M2
Genetics : [(Northern Light#5 Apolo G 13) x Jack Widow]

This strain is very vigorous and easy to grown .

The meeting of two exceptionals lines have produced a very resistant and strong descendance offering at the same time a perfectly hybridised quality of the both parents.

The fruity and dense high shows a fresh high notes, that anounces a instant and durable relaxation. A generous and rich strain.

Well it was high time to ditch that quickly improvised closet and to transplant them into bigger pots..... sadly as you remember I had timed my transplanting with the arrival of certain goods and equipment that still haven't arrived. To hell with it if that's gona put the slightest dent on my grow :surf:

First step:

Cleaning and disinfecting the entire closet for a second time with a mild anti fungal / anti-septic solution, laboratory grade materials (gotta love my contacts).

Step 2 - Lights:

A medium sized Adjust-a-Wing reflector was hacked and wired with 6 23w CFLs (each putting out the equivalent of 120W), I put 4 cool whites and 2 Warm white bulbs in there in order to enrich the spectrum.

Step 3 - Structural Integrity:

Since this entire closet dates back to 1991, careful attention was given to the quality of all the nuts and bolts that were holding it together, the top shelf was bent slightly in the middle, some of the hinges needed maintenance and a few washers needed to be replaced.

Step 4 - Mixing the Soil:

3 parts premixed potting soil (The one I used previously)

Added to that 2 parts of Perlite (What was funny is that it was so hard to find any perlite in nurseries here to begin with, let alone a small package for a few plants.....I ended up buying a whole 20kg bag.....much....much....much more than I will ever need.....maybe enough for 10 grows......well Economies of Scale baby :439: )

Added a couple of teaspoons of crushed into a fine powder, dried eggshells (To boost le Nitrogen and up the Ph a little over 6.0)

Mixed it well and slightly saturated it with RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water (That I also got from a friendly nurse ;) until the consistency was such that the medium would form into a lump, but break up instantly when poked.

Step 5 - Re-potting:

Here is a pic of the kids moments before moving into bigger pots:

As you can see, one is more developed than the rest (although it received the same amounts of water/light/stress/etc... as the rest) I call her Pride and Glory (which is also the tittle of the track I'm listening to right now).

Check out her roots:

I got two more plants that are slightly smaller than her and about the same size (I'm still open for name suggestions here, feel free to partake in the naming process :) )

And you can notice there's one that is slightly leakier than the rest of her companions but still going strong.

And last but not least, I'm sure you noticed Runty; although small and underdeveloped in comparison to the rest, is still playing catch up.
I noticed that the cotyledons on a couple of my babes started yellowing......

Isn't it a bit early for that to occur naturally at this moment? (They are 16 days old today, 2 weeks + 2 days)

Step 6 - Final touches on the closet:

Reflective sheeting was fixed to the interior sides of the closet and door.
For reflection I used some old Dashboard sun protectors from my car that I had accumulated over the years as promotional material from gas stations and other sources. I thought these were a good option since I remember how these could blind you while looking at them when placed on a car's dashboard when the sun was strong....I suspect it's made out of Mylar :)

A couple of 80mm PC case fans were dropped down on each side of the hood to provide ventilation.

Electrical wires were hidden and stowed away from sight.

And finally - The girls get to move into their new home :439:

With new House mates - The Basil Family:

I got a couple of wide-leafed basil and another bush of fine-leaf basil in there too to keep them company :party:

Check this bush out! :cheer:

Well boys and gals, I'm gonna leave you now as I have business to attend to...

Thank you for reading :Namaste:


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Re: Poorman's First Indoor Closet Soil, Apollo Jack x 4 + SSH x 2, ScroG, 6 x 120W CF

Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!

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