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Popcorn Peanut Butter Balls :-)))


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Alright so check this recipe out, I made these a couple of days ago, and they're killer! Also a great quick snack...you could possibly even through a few g's of MJ in the mix to spice it up a lil bit ;-) Up to you....

Before we even start, pop a bag of popcorn and then...

1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup sugar

Combine two, and bring to a boil. Then remove from heat and add...

1/8 tsp Salt
1/2 cup Peanut Butter
1/2 tsp Vanilla

Stir stir stir! Whip it up pretty nice. Then when you got it all nice and mixed, pour over the popcorn and stir into the popcorn, keeping in mind that you might want to run through your popcorn real quick and get any unpopped kernals out, they definently suck to bite into.

Then after you've got a nice heap of popcorn, peanutbutter goodness, roll into small balls and put on a plate or baking sheet.

Now the choice is up to you, leave them out of the fridge to have them more chewy, or you can put them in the fridge or even the freezer to get a more peanutbutter brittle feel to them.

Enjoy! Let me know what ya think.


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Awesome, thanks bro. Do you know how this is with MJ? Prolly tastes like everything else that has MJ in it..crappy lol

And I feel ya 100% about the kernels. Bastards.


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Yea, definently weed out the kernels if you wanna save your teeth, but these are an AWESOME munchie snack, and because of the pretty high fat content, Im sure it'd go great with MJ.

But really, these had such a sweet taste, I think it'd taste pretty good with a few 2-3 g's of some goody good, or maybe 4 g's of some middies.

Let me know if someone tries it out :)
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