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Possible aeroponic setup i am thinking about


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Hey guys, I have been thinking alot about how i'm going to grow my next crop. I don't really want to do soil as it is messy, so i'm either set on hydro or aero. I will build whichever system i end up wanting to use so it will fit in my small space just right.

I've been inspired by a fog bucket i've seen at the hydro store and a recent purchase of an ultrasonic humidifier. I am thinking using something like the vicks cool mist or a similar ultrasonic humidifier as a mist source and put my nutrient solution in there and then run the humidifier on a timer putting all the mist into the root area. I had been thinking of using a plastic tub or a bucket or something similar and just put the humidifier in there.

I don't know about the optimum moisture level of the root area, would i want it to always be at maximum mist and just let it condense and collect at the bottom or would i want it running on a timer? Also could i start seeds in rockwool and net pots to use in this setup?

Any input would be greatly appreaciated, and i might just go get some supplies to start experimenting after the new year.


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aeroponics is basically just misting the roots directly without using a grow medium. I use a rainforest system, which is almost like aeroponics, for my mother plants. The plants sit in 6 inch pots full of hydroton. Because I use a medium its not quite aeroponics but its damn close.The roots hang through the pots and into the resevoir below. It has a high velocity motor called a "vortex moter"in the middle which spins a cone cylinder which sprays all the roots with a fine mist. The vortex moter is important in order to bring nutrients to the roots that have not yet made it to the resevoir. The big plus with aerponics is the high amount of oxygen it delivers to the root zone. Once the roots are long enough to reach the resevoir below it becomes critical to keep your nutrients well oxygenated. Thats why I keep an air pump running 24/7 with airstones in my resevoir. My roots literally are in a nutrient solution 24/7. As long as your nutrients are well oxygentated your plants will thrive.


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Stix how did you change your res with 6 plants in the system? Just by taking the pump out. Also how often did you run the pump for, did it change during cycles? Your grow of 05 was very impressive.. thanks


the ultrasonic mist cannot support the wt of nutrients, they can work with cloning but otherwise provide to many problems such as heat in the rez best to use misters or sprayers.
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