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Possible hermie


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Could you provide more photos of your setup? Full grow area shots perhaps? Just seems strange...
I'm starting to think that 600 Watt HPS is too close to them and it's causing the Hermi. Do you have any more headroom to raise that light up?
I'll try and grab some photos Tommrow I don't have any more head room unfortunately, the light is in a cool tube.
I have just discovered a red light from a power board shining directly onto them, would this cause any issues being so dmall


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Yes and no. If it is new to them maybe. If it has been there the whole time maybe not. It is better to put tape over any lights just in case. Not many nights have no light at all. Very few to tell the truth. So small amounts of light don't matter as much as some people think.

Plants notice the red spectrum in flower. That red light may be screwing you up because of it. It is always best to be totally dark.
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