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Possible NorCal Regional Cannabis Summit For 2015 In The Works

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Mendocino County CEO Carmel Angelo said during Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting that possible state legalization of marijuana in 2016 led her to initiate a discussion with other rural county CEO's from around the state at a recent conference regarding the formation of a future Northern California Cannabis Summit.

While there is currently no formal marijuana initiative filed for the 2016 ballot with the California Secretary of State, a group called, "The Marijuana Policy Project," a Washington D.C. based advocacy organization, has been actively gathering supporters within California in hopes of putting the item to a vote two years from now. Accordingly, Angelo said efforts are underway to hold a summit with other rural county officials sometime in 2015 to discuss possible economic, regulatory, taxation and policy implications to prepare for 2016 legalization.

Angelo and 1st District Supervisor Carre Brown attended the Rural County Representatives annual conference in Sacramento last month which included an informational presentation of how Colorado is handling marijuana legalization one year later. Angelo said topics covered were revenue, taxation, legislation, enforcement of laws and regulations, and new consumer markets.


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