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Possible nute burn or what? please help!


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Hi all this is my second grow and my problem with the plants is that leaftips are turning brown. I grow in soil(ph. 6,5), my plants are both 4-way, they've been flowering 32days now, i have been giving nutes in almost every watering, i use 200w cfl, and my pots are 10 litres big and air temp is around 25-29 C at daytim and around 20 C during night.

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Re: Possible nute burn or what?? please help!

Well, I can't see the pics. But if you're giving them nutes with every watering I can tell you that's a problem. The plants can't use all the nutes you're giving them, and it's burning the roots. Once the roots are burned, the leaves that those roots fed will die.. And the budsites that those leaves fed will not fill out properly.

This far into flowering your plants aren't making much in the way of new roots.. so stop feeding them for 7-10 days and give them only PH 6.3 water.



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Re: Possible nute burn or what?? please help!




I gave them pretty much water with only Supervit added to it. I'll start to give them nutes with care on monday and go on full nutes in two or three weeks from now.


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Re: Possible nute burn or what?? please help!

I love ya' Darlin' but have to disagree with a note,
If you use beat dirt like some of us poor farmers that have to make due, you may have to feed every day.
I have had to feed every other day, and they would have taken eveyday.
But with fresh dirt, every week is good :)

Then again, depends on how hot and close to the edge you want a Run ;-)

Oh hell dude, they ain't bad.
Least ya' saw it before ya' Really burned 'em,
dirt is sooooooo fer' givin' ;-)
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