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Possible phosphorous deficiency due to pH


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My wife and I are on day 20 of our first ever grow (4 autoflower plants, buds just starting). I am brand new to the forum, but I've read a lot of great advice on here already, just hoping to get some of my own :thumb:

We noticed browning beginning on one of the plants leaves, middle of the leaf along the midrib. I tested pH of run off and we are high, 7 to 7.5. I am guessing we have nutrients not being absorbed properly due to pH (phosphorus likely)? Maybe we aren't giving enough nutrients?

We read from multiple sources, to start out giving half the amount of nutrients as recommended.

We are adding 1/2 tsp each of the 3 different types of liquid nutrient per gallon and we are giving them nutes every other watering.

Each time we water, with or without nutes, we test pH prior to watering and are fluctuating between 6 to 6.5.

Should we try bumping up the nutrients to full dosage? If anyone has suggestions I'd sure appreciate it!


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Does this work?
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